Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Hey guys, with book 2 nearly finished, it's time to reveal Wolf Dancer's cover! Do you love it? I do!!!

I can't wait to have Nico and Olivia's story out into the world, this book is sweet and romantic with heartache and angst thrown in for a roller coaster of emotions. Kat and Bass feature throughout and you'll see how Dark Shadow and River Run are coping with this new found peace! And of course like all my books there is plenty of action and kick-ass fighting ;)

Happy Reading!

Rach xo

Nico’s loved Olivia from afar, for what seems like forever, never quite finding the right time to tell
her  how  he  feels.  One  afternoon  though,  fate  intervenes  and  Nico  and  Olivia,  are  thrust together,  leaving  Nico  injured,  and  fighting  for  his  life.

Olivia  sees  herself  as submissive...weak... She tries her hardest to skate under the radar; following her father’s rules, when  deep  down  she  knows  it  will  never  make  him  happy.  When  an  opportunity  to  escape appears, Olivia  grasps  onto  it, weaving  a web  of  lies  to  keep  her  secret  from  her  father. But when Nico comes crashing into her life; he not only gives her a reason to stay, he makes her want to be brave...

Follow Nico and Olivia as they find themselves, and each other; learning sometimes love requires sacrifice.

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