Saturday, 28 February 2015

A note on The Deadwood Hunter Series and exclusive Holocaust snippet!

So with the cover reveal happening in a little under 12 hours, I thought I'd take a minute to talk about The Deadwood Hunter Series. Why am I revamping the first two books before Holocaust comes out? Well the simple answer is since Lexia first came out in July 2013, my writing has improved.
This is a good thing, over the one and a half years since I first hit publish, I've grown...a lot, this is from practice and from my fabulous editor and beta's that let me see my work in a different light.

So I have made the decision to update, Lexia and Whispers of Darkness. The story hasn't changed, just sentence structure, another edit and a bit more sparkle :)

The new shiny covers will be revealed March 1st! I'm so excited they are sooo pretty! Regina @ Mae I Design is one talented lady! I'll be updating the covers on all platforms tomorrow so everyone who already has my books will have the new covers too.

On March 25th the new and updated versions of these two books will be hitting the web. For everyone who has bought them already, do not fear! Your kindles will update.

And last but not least. Holocaust, the final in Lexia and Lincoln's struggle to be together will be here! This book is chocker full of action, and heart ache. Lexia has one hell of a battle on her hands and I hope you love every minute of it!

I'm going to leave you now with this little snippet of Holocaust!

Happy Reading

The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3
Coming March 31st 2015

Lucy kept Lexia busy for most of the day. It was a little after two in the afternoon by the time she escaped. Lucy had been called to an urgent matter and Lexia had a feeling she knew exactly what it was. Most of her time with Lucy, she’d stood silent while she went from one meaningless task to the other. Lexia couldn’t find any other motive for Lucy’s insistence she accompany her, other than simply showing a united front.
Derrick ran into her on her way back to her room. “Lex, I was looking for you. Something big has happened. I was on my way back from seeing Alice when I heard screaming. From what I can gather, someone has escaped Lucy’s cells. One of her experiments.”
Lexia put the key in her door making Derrick frown. “Since when do you lock the door?”
“Since I broke out the experiment,” she whispered, pushing the door wide.
Sahara jumped awake, scrambling from the bed.
“It’s all right,” Lexia soothed.
“W-who’s that?” she stammered.
“This is Derrick. He’s going to help.” 
“I am?”