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Genre:  YA Paranormal


Katalina Winter has been living for eighteen years with a secret, hidden inside of her, a secret not even she knew.

With this secret comes consequences, expectations, one's she's not willing to fulfill; she'll give her heart to whom she wishes, even if he is, a Dark Shadow wolf...

Join Katalina as she navigates her way through this world at war, where the alpha is law, and only the strong survive. You will see the power of true love, and the length's people will go to destroy it. 

**Please note this is a YA Stand alone novel, no cliffhangers**

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Hey Guys!

I'm completely in love with this cover! And super excited to hear what everyone thinks, I need to thank Mae I Design for her amazing design skills. 
I've been very busy lately, writing and looking after my baby boy, who has just turned 5 months! It felt like he was born 5 mins ago!
I'm very excited to have Winter Wolf out to you on November 29th, which also happens to be my birthday... Just saying! ;)

Then I'll be locking myself away in hopes of having Holocaust ready for Feb 1015, I'm a little sad to see this series end but I have a feeling we'll be back in Lexia and Lincolns world pretty soon!

Anywhoo, take a look at the cover and if you want to one click this baby! It's on sale right now for 99cents! 

I hope you Like Katalina and Bass as much as I do!

Rach x

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