Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sometimes I just want to bang my head on the desk!


Wow what a few crazy weeks!

Well were shall I start?  How about the amazing 500 people that have liked my fb page! Thanks for the support guys!

I've sent my manuscript off to the editor and had it back yesterday, I must say I was so scared to open up the document lol  Sending off 'Lexia' was hard, I've put blood sweat and tears into every word, sometimes I've wondered what I was doing but then I have a glass of wine or Vodka (Whatever is left!) and carry on :)

So my editor made a few suggestions and I have taken them on board and will be working my arse off all weekend and next week to meet my deadline :)

I've also started on another novel, about 5 chapters down so far, its developing into more of a fantasy novel and I've done some interesting research on Celtic druids! Spirit animals.... That's all I'm saying for now! But watch this space :)

Anyway I need to go work so enter the giveaway guys!

Happy Reading

R x

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