Friday, 31 May 2013

I'm Back!

Ok so I kinda left the cyber world for a few months! Okay 5 months... Don't be mad I've had a lot to do, what with getting married and setting myself a deadline to finish the second draft of The Deadwood Hunter.

Yes I got married! After 7 years of being engaged I finally said I do :)  Was it worth the wait you ask.... Well yes it was, the day was magical and all my hard work creating every piece of  lovely, romantic, vintage detail paid off.,

Here's a few pics...

I made that cake! Yes honest did I not mention I can Bake too! So many talents me!

The amazing picture on the hilltop is at  Tamborine Mountain on the rim of the GoldCoast Hinterlind in QLD Aus... It rained and I mean rained! All the way up to that point and I'm quite cetrain my amazing photographer thought I was mad wanting a picture up there in the rain but as we got out the car... Ta daa the sky clears :)

and last but not least my beautiful children, Cole and Lilly. It doesn't get much cuter than that.

So back to books, I've not had much time to read but when I had a few days off on my honeymoon I read Nalini Singh's Wild Invitation and Claudia Greys' Spellcaster. (I recommend them both)

I also set myself a deadline to finish the second draft of  The Deadwood Hunter (Which I met) I've added a lot more detail into the beginning and have now started the final edit.

The next question will be to Traditionally Publish or Self Publish. Do I have the guts to go it alone? 

Well anyway thats all for now and I promise to come back soon...

Happy Reading

R x