Saturday, 19 January 2013

First Draft!

Well after months and months of sitting at the laptop whenever I had a spare minute, I've finally finished my first draft of Deadwood Hunter Novel! Now for the scary part - I have to let people read it! Arrh!

How I would really like to keep Lucas and Kate safe and sound in my head and on the laptop, no one can criticize them there lol But if I ever want to have this book out in the world for all to read I need to be brave.

Its been so much fun writing and many a night I have been up until the wee hours because I must just get this little bit out of my head. It's hard juggling writing with been a mum, am sure the kids are really fed up with being ignored whilst I have my head in the clouds!

I keep getting told how quick I wrote this and I suppose been on holiday for 2 weeks and writing non stop whilst lazing in the sun around the pool helped! So basically if my partner Rick wants me to finish book 2 as quick he just needs to take me on holiday all year round!

I don't ask for much!

Happy Reading

R x

I found this pic and thought of Lucas! I can just imagine him lazing in a tree after a hot session with Kate ;-)

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